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SAS Fospice Program: Supporting Life’s Transitions

Animals arrive at the shelter in all manners of health.  While most fortunately are ready to be…

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Humane Officer Ride Along Experience

Delivering unexpected and unique experiences is a key part of the live auction at the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation’s…

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Mary Ellen Zoulas DVM: SAS’ Pioneering Veterinarian Retires after 35 years of Service to Animals

Just 4.2 years is the median time people stay with an employer today according to the Bureau of Labor…

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Recent Success Story

Cocoa: Making Big Moves to Get Adopted

Sometimes a dog needs to make some big moves to get adopted.  Cocoa, a Dutch Shepherd mix…

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2017 Raining Cats & Dogs Auction: Tickets On Sale Now!

Saturday, October 14, 2017 - Enjoy an evening of great food, drink and conversation while saving the lives of homeless cats, dogs, and critters at Seattle Animal Shelter.

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