The Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation is excited to announce its first grant to the Seattle Animal Shelter for $5,000. The initial grant will fund the upcoming special adoption promotion, Mission Paws-ible, at the Seattle Animal Shelter October 8-16th.

Grant funds will be used to pay for the adoption costs of select dogs, cats and critters at the Shelter. Sometimes certain animals are overlooked for adoption and it seems impossible to find them their forever home. The purpose of this promotion is to bring attention to these special, loveable animals.

The Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 2010 to raise funds and galvanize community support for the programs and initiatives of the Seattle Animal Shelter.

The Foundation, which is supported by private donors, has been working with the Shelter to lay the ground-work for what will be a long-term granting relationship. For its first grant to the Shelter, the Foundation chose to pay adoption costs for less adoptable pets as a way to significantly help animals while allowing the Foundation and the Shelter to test their granting process.

Look for more upcoming granting stories in 2012 and follow the great work of the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation and the Seattle Animal Shelter.

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