1. Your gift to SASF can help position the City of Seattle on the leading edge of animal welfare. You’ll be contributing to the enhancement of the City’s Shelter facilities, which is a source of civic pride, and a touchstone of Seattle’s compassionate, responsible community.

“When I walk into the Shelter to visit or drop off supplies, I see evidence of this partnership between government and SASF in the high quality of the facility [and] the great, compassionate approach of staff and volunteers. People’s contributions stretch city dollars further so that we have a place we’re proud to call the temporary home for animals on their way to new futures.”
Sally Clark, President, Seattle City Council


2. Seattle Animal Shelter volunteers — including those who foster animals — give a lot. Your support of SASF helps to ensure that we can give back to them, by funding high-quality training, support and recognition programs.

“One of the reasons volunteers stay with the Shelter is because of the support they receive. For instance, our foster parents, who open their homes to a dog in need, are provided access to professional training resources and a dedicated case manager, at no cost. We’re very thankful for the donors that make it possible.”
Ivy Cunningham, Volunteer, Seattle Animal Shelter and SASF


3. The Seattle Animal Shelter is the sole agency responsible for taking in victims of animal cruelty within the City. Your support of SASF helps the Shelter to better care for animals like Hope, a cat severely attacked by her owner before the Seattle Police Dept., the ACCES emergency clinic, the Shelter and SASF joined to save her and find her a new home.

“The support of the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation is vital to providing veterinary care in animal cruelty cases, or for traumatized stray animals while an owner is being located. The funding that SASF provides allows us to stabilize an animal while we try to find an owner or decide if the animal is adoptable.”
Dr. Beth Davidow, Medical Director, Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services (ACCES)


4. In difficult economic times, many people think twice about adopting a pet because of the associated costs. By donating to SASF, you help to cover some adoption costs—an important incentive that allows more animals to find good homes.

“Because all animals made available for adoption by the Shelter are spayed or neutered, given a microchip and vaccinated, adoption fees can sometimes be the one factor that prevents a pet from finding his or her forever home. Your support [of SASF] can help unite animals and owners and make adoption affordable for all.”
Elizabeth Castleberry, Board Member, SASF


5. By giving to SASF, you’ll help the Shelter reach out to lower-income families and individuals who already have pets, assisting with spay/neuter costs and supplying dog houses, which ultimately helps to save more animals.

“A lot of people don’t want to sterilize their pets, for all the wrong reasons. But if we offer a spay-neuter certificate [worth hundreds of dollars], a lot will jump on it. [Delivering free dog houses and spay-neuter certificates] saves people money and they’re very appreciative.”
Brett Rogers, License Compliance Officer, Seattle Animal Shelter

For all of these reasons and more, please consider donating to SASF today.