Gratitude and amazement. Those are just two of the emotions all of us who serve on the board of the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF) felt when we cast a vote in support of a $100,000 grant to the Seattle Animal Shelter (SAS). The grant is approximately 40% more than our 2011 grant; it represents a milestone achievement and rapid growth for an organization just over two years old.

Here’s how the funding procedure works: At the end of each year, SAS leaders submit a funding proposal to SASF. In the proposal, SAS requests a specific funding range and specifies how it proposes to expend the funds. The SASF Board of Directors reviews the request and makes a determination of how much money to grant to the Shelter and which of the options outlined in the request should be funded.

This year, thanks to your generous support, we were in a position to give generously and fund everything SAS requested. The grant will be used for the following:

Cat Condos. Taking a big step up from the small stainless steel cages many of our Shelter cats currently reside in, this spacious condo unit houses up to 6 cats, and includes separate areas for the litter box, play, dining, Zhumba class, and quiet time.

Dog Kennel Upgrades. Our canine residents will soon enjoy a quieter, less stressful environment during their stay at the Shelter, thanks to the clear, sound-proof doors and kennel divides we’ll be installing to replace the existing chain link barriers. Shelter guests looking to adopt a new four-legged family member will likely also appreciate the more tranquil atmosphere.

Adoption Support. SASF will continue to sponsor adoptions in special adoption promotions throughout 2013. In 2012 these special adoption events proved very popular. They increased overall cat adoption rates significantly and allowed many deserving animals to find their forever homes.

Professional-Quality Digital Camera.
One of the many significant services SAS provides to the community is the investigation of all animal cruelty cases within City limits. High-quality pictures documenting the conditions in which the animals were found are critical to the successful prosecution of these crimes. The new camera will allow animal enforcement officers to take these evidentiary pictures.

Each one of these items will make an enormous difference not just for the animals at the Shelter, but for the staff and volunteers who care for those animals, and the people who adopt them into their homes. And it wouldn’t be possible without the support of the many wonderful and caring people of Seattle who contribute to the well-being of animals in our community. We couldn’t do this work without you, and we continue to be amazed by and grateful for your support.