By Anna Sweeney

In recognition of their upcoming nuptials in June, Seattle couple Bob and Tim will not be opening ribbon-wrapped gifts of dishware, home goods or anything else from a typical wedding registry. Instead, the couple will celebrate with something much closer to their hearts: In lieu of gifts, they are asking wedding guests to make a donation to the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF).

Why did they choose SASF for this honor? The couple had adopted their two dogs – husky mixes named CoCo and Bella, pictured here – from the Seattle Animal Shelter. As Bob and Tim express on their wedding website, “Through the generosity of SASF donors, the shelter has been able to give thousands of pets a second chance…pets like CoCo and Bella.” Supporting SASF grants this same wonderful experience to other rescued animals and their future owners.

If you support the Seattle Animal Shelter, either through adoption, volunteering, or simply out of your love for animals, consider making the same choice Bob and Tim made as an alternative for gifting at your next celebration – from weddings, to birthdays, to bar mitzvahs, to anniversaries.

How to set up a SASF gifting program

You have two options:

1. Online. Simply direct your guests to the SASF donation page. Ask your guests to enter specific text next to “Tribute Information” (e.g., “Jones/Smith Wedding”) in order to keep track of how much was raised.

2. By mail. SASF can provide you with remittance envelopes for your invitations. Please ask your guests to enter specific text regarding the tribute, in order to track donations.

SASF can also help you with sample text for use on your web page or invitation. For more information or assistance in gathering donations, please contact us directly.