This is the second in a series highlighting upgrades and improvements to the Seattle Animal Shelter funded by a 2012 grant from the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation.


Dogs at the Seattle Animal Shelter (SAS) are about to get a more stress-free living space, thanks in part to the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF) and its generous donors.

SAS has just kicked off a facelift of its dog kennels – a project funded in part through a 2012 grant from SASF. During the four-week renovation process, the existing chain-link fence doors will be replaced with the modern glass enclosures as shown in the architectural rendering (above) from SHKS Architects. The floors will also be resurfaced.

The improved kennel area will greatly reduce noise, ease stress on the dogs, and prevent small human fingers from poking in and small dogs from getting out.

During the construction phase, SAS is asking local households to consider becoming foster parents to help house some of the displaced animals during construction (and beyond, if desired). The Shelter also notes that it cannot accept any surrenders or strays until renovation is complete. More details are available here.

We will keep you updated on this exciting project, and look forward to showing you a photo gallery of the new space when it’s completed.

Thanks again to all the donors who helped make this possible!

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