Volunteering for the Seattle Animal Shelter or Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF) is a rewarding experience. When employers match volunteer time with monetary donations, your hard work benefits the animals even more! A number of Seattle-area companies offer volunteer matching programs, in which the company donates to pre-approved organizations such as the Shelter and SASF based on a set amount per volunteer hour(s) worked. Here are some of the largest examples.


Microsoft’s matching program is one of the most generous. The company matches volunteer time at the Shelter or SASF at $17 per hour, with the minimum qualification of volunteering 4 hours with the same organization over a 12-month period. Microsoft matches up to $15,000 per employee each year; requests can be submitted up to a year after the activity. Once the volunteer hours are verified by the Shelter or SASF, Microsoft sends the organization a check.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines’ Dollars for Doers program gives grants to both SASF and the Shelter after an employee volunteers at least 5 hours with one of the organizations. The airline donates $10 per volunteer hour, up to $1,000 per employee each year.


The Adobe Employee Community Fund donates $250 for every 20 volunteer hours an employee spends at the Shelter.


CenturyLink matches volunteers’ time with a grant of up to $500 for 40 hours of work at the Shelter within a six-month period.


Employees of these companies who are interested in volunteering for the Shelter can find program details on their companies’ websites or through their human resources departments.

Corporate matching gifts like these help to fund Shelter animals’ veterinary care and to support SASF initiatives such as Shelter renovations and quality-of-life improvements for Shelter animals. Now it’s up to you! Please take the next step and apply to volunteer for SASF and/or the Seattle Animal Shelter.