By Laura Walker

When her husband Pete Segall asked her how she wanted to celebrate her 40th birthday, Heather Dolin decided she wanted to embrace the occasion with a party. About 200 of their friends came together on August 23rd at Nectar Lounge to celebrate Heather. Guests danced the night away to 80’s hits, performed by Rewind. The night was a huge success, dubbed the “Best Party Ever!” by those in attendance.

What made the evening even more special was the couple’s decision to request donations to the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation in lieu of traditional birthday gifts. While they recognized that gifts are wonderful gestures of kindness and always appreciated, they decided the money would be better spent a different way.

As Pete says, “We would way rather see someone give a small, or better yet large, donation to SASF than gifts to us. It means more to us; it betters our community and helps animals.”

Heather and Pete are long-time supporters of the Shelter and Foundation. Heather has been integral to the success of the SASF Auctions over the years, working on the Events committee as well as serving as co-Procurement chair in 2013 and providing procurement support since the first auction was held. Thanks to their continued generosity, Heather and Pete’s guests helped to raise over $5,000 for SASF.

Pete worked with SASF to create a special donation link for their guests to streamline the process. Guests were very receptive to the idea of making a donation. They didn’t have to worry about what to buy, rather they simply had to go to the web site and follow the prompts to donate. An additional perk for the donor is that gifts to SASF are tax deductible.

When asked what advice they would give to others considering a similar gift option, Pete said, “Do it. It was surprisingly easy and way more rewarding.”

If you would like to learn more about how you can coordinate donations for your next celebration, please contact us at


Heather and Pete’s 17 year old rescued Terrier mix, Angel:

Angel fence (2)