By Laura Walker

In total, Freddy (formerly known as Freeway) was in foster care with Seattle Animal Shelter volunteers for 822 days. That’s two years, three months and one day. Adopted from SAS as a kitten, Freddy was returned after 11 years because his family moved and couldn’t take him along. Several cat foster parents banded together to provide care while he waited for his forever family. His first foster mom worked tirelessly to determine what was causing Freddy to have allergic reactions. She eventually found that he was allergic to all proteins with the exception of pork. After caring for him over a year, she moved out of state and so Freddy was transferred to Susan Doughten. At the suggestion of fellow foster parent Lauren Foster, Susan changed his name from Freeway to Freddy in hopes he would get more attention.

During his first week in his new home, Freddy escaped after a visiting cat showed him the covered cat door. In his previous life, Freddy was an indoor/outdoor cat so he set out on an adventure. Susan caught two neighbor cats in the trap she set out for Freddy but he was nowhere to be found. The cat door was left open just in case. Four days later, Freddy appeared in the living room, looking very pleased. Not wanting to deprive him of the outdoors but also wanting to keep him in sight, Susan began letting him outside on a leash. While Freddy wasn’t thrilled at first, he learned to love it and began taking Susan for walks.

Lauren and Susan worked together to promote Freddy on social media and at Shelter adoption events. They had some professional photos taken of him and created a new online profile. Despite their efforts, Freddy was repeatedly passed by at events. Susan took to Facebook to express her frustration and sadness for Freddy. Her post caught the eye of someone in her network. It was love at first sight for Freddy; he immediately sniffed his new dad and gave some head nudges. Freddy is thriving in his new home, even attempting to sleep under the covers with his new parents. Now over 13 years old, he is still playful, fun-loving and curious.