To commemorate World Spay Day on February 23, 2016, as part of a week-long promotion, the Seattle Animal Shelter offered free spays and neuters for dogs, cats and rabbits from February 22-26, 2016.  This promotion was made possible in part by a generous donation from the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation.  According to the Seattle Animal Shelter’s Spay and Neuter Clinic Director, spaying and neutering leads to a longer life for your pets, as well as reducing unwanted behaviors such as fighting and spraying. The event was a huge success with 32 dogs, 16 cats and 6 rabbits being spayed or neutered.   Animals can be fixed as young as 4 months old and rabbits are the most recent pet to be offered the clinic’s spay and neuter services.


Offering these services for free allows low or no income pet owners the chance to spay and neuter their pet.  The pet owners are extremely grateful for the service that they normally would not be able to afford.  Surgeries range from $120-$155 for dogs, $85-$90 for cats and $75 for rabbits.  The Seattle Animal Shelter understands the importance of this free service in reducing unwanted animals, which in turn reduces the number of animals in the shelter system.