You can help a homeless animal unwrap health, happiness and a new start this holiday season. As we head toward the holidays, we hope you’ll remember the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation on your gift giving list, to help animals like little Paolino. Despite a heartbreaking odyssey, Paolino has a lot of living left to do.

After his longtime guardian suddenly passed away, Paolino stayed with a family friend while they searched for a permanent home for him. But one day the little great escape artist slipped from his temporary guardian’s home and was struck by a car and greatly injured. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan rushed him to the nearest vet where he was stabilized, given pain relief, and transferred to Seattle Animal Shelter. His temporary family was reached but they knew they couldn’t cover his bills and surrendered him.

But there was hope. Seattle Animal Shelter’s in-house medical team provided Paolino the care he needed. His back leg required amputation and after surgery, Paolino was immediately sent home with a loving and experienced foster home to rest and rehabilitate. He was lucky too as his forever family would find him soon.



Laura had been following Paolino’s journey since the first day she saw his picture online – the day of the car accident. Her family was looking for a new companion for their elderly dog Kiyoto, and waited to meet Paolino while he recovered. Now, Paolino and Kiyoto are doggie BFFs. Laura said “Paolino has overcome so much, and every day he reveals a little more of himself,” Laura explains fondly. “His attitude tells us that he knows his painful days are in the past, and he has a lot of living to do.”

Please give a gift today online at and give an animal like Paolino lasting happiness. Thousands of animals like Paolino find their way to Seattle Animal Shelter every year, and each one needs care and support. With your help, Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation funds new and innovative programs to provide more comprehensive and compassionate care to animals in need.