For pets who should be enjoying their golden years, but instead find themselves homeless, the Seattle Animal Shelter foster program, with funding from the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation, is so crucial. This is the case for Junior and Topsy, 15-year-old male Pomeranian mixes. Currently being fostered by SAS foster volunteer John, they both are loving, sweet dogs who are looking for their forever home. They were surrendered to the shelter after their owner died and the owner’s daughter surrendered them to SAS.

According to John, while these brothers grew up together, they both have distinct personalities and preferences. Junior has a playful personality and Topsy is a quiet, reserved cuddler. Junior is full of life, frisky and adventurous. He loves to go for walks and to play with other animals and people. Topsy is more introverted and prefers to snuggle on the couch. He likes to be carried around as opposed to walking. They both love to be pampered and enjoy being wrapped in plush blankets. Everywhere they go, people stop John and ask if Junior has wolf or fox in him because of his furry grey face and his paws. Topsy also gets lots of attention because he is always being carried and is so small.

John has enjoyed fostering both boys and even with all the changes they have gone through, Junior and Topsy keep moving forward with a positive attitude. John said, “These guys have a lot of love and companionship to give. They bring joy to the people they interact with, and I know they would offer the same in a forever home.” Junior and Topsy need to be adopted together because they’ve spent their entire lives together and balance each other out so well. To find out more about adopting this bonded duo, visit