The Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation is an all-volunteer non-profit, operating with no paid employees. The passion and dedication of our volunteers drives our mission of enriching and enhancing the lives of animals cared for by the Seattle Animal Shelter.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation.

Here are two specific roles we’re actively looking for:

Raining Cats & Dogs Auction Event Planner (note this is a position outside the board and is paid)

Social Media Manager(s) (this is a volunteer position on the marketing committee)

We sincerely appreciate your interest in working with the Foundation and helping to fund and support programs for the Seattle Animal Shelter. We urge you to check back regularly for volunteer openings with the Foundation. To receive the SASF Newsletter on a regular basis, please submit your name and e-mail address here:

If you are interested in working directly with animals rather than a fundraising organization such as the Foundation, please consider applying to volunteer at the Seattle Animal Shelter:

Thank you for your interest in helping Seattle’s animals!