Figaro came to the Seattle Animal Shelter in April after curiosity got the better of him and he swallowed a penny. Figaro was diagnosed with the penny in his abdomen in January.  He was only six months old.

After exploring several non-surgical alternatives, Figaro’s owner learned that the only viable option to help Figaro return to his precocious kitten-self was costly surgery. Figaro’s owner could not afford the $1200 surgery (that’s 120,000 pennies!) and surrendered Figaro to the Seattle Animal Shelter.

Thanks to donations made to the Seattle Animal Shelter, Figaro got the critical surgery he needed and is now a healthy, happy, 10-month old kitten who loves running, jumping, playing, and using the litterbox. Figaro is making a full recovery in a foster home and is looking forward to finding his forever home with a loving family.

To learn more about adopting Figaro, go to Animal Shelter Adoptions.

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