Sometimes it just takes time for a shelter animal to find the right family.  Such was the case with Elliot, who entered Seattle Animal Shelter in January as a stray, and spent five months with us before finding his forever home.  Bigger than your average Siamese, VERY cross eyed, and FIV positive, Elliot was also very timid and spent most of his days hiding under his blankets. This made it hard for potential adopters to get to know him. He soon became a favorite with the volunteers and officers, though, and proved to be very friendly with those he trusted.  Finally, during SAS’s free adoption for adult cats month in June, a couple came in to the shelter looking for a companion for their FIV+ Siamese female cat. They saw Elliot and knew he was the one.

After four weeks, Elliot is adjusting well to his new surroundings.  He’s still a bit shy, but is an active, playful, kitty.  His owner, Gary, writes, “Elliot is a very affectionate cat and he enjoys being pet and played with.  The big surprise for us (and probably for you) is how much energy Elliot has.  He plays for several hours every day chasing toys wildly whether anyone else is playing with him or not.” He is also eager to befriend his new sister, who has not been as welcoming as his human companions. With time, Elliot is sure to win her over, too!