By Emily Beauprey

In the tireless work of animal rescue, few things are more inspiring than hearing a good success story, and Lily (pictured at left) is certainly one of those. Lily’s new “mom” wrote to the Seattle Animal Shelter recently, thanking the staff and volunteers for their part in helping Lily to find her and vice versa. She extended a special thank-you to Lily’s foster parent, Alan, who gave Lily the love, time and TLC it took to help her “blossom…into the delightfully playful and affectionate little cat that she is today.”

Surrendered to the Shelter by a previous owner, Lily had completely lost her trust in humans. Says foster parent Alan, “She…would not respond to the volunteers’ efforts to comfort or socialize her. She wouldn’t even acknowledge [their] presence.”

Seeing that the shelter environment was not the right place for Lily, Alan and his wife agreed to take the tiny cat into their home to try and bring her out of her shell. Lily spent the first two weeks hiding in the closet, disappearing whenever she saw humans. Alan continued to spend time with her, slowly encouraging her to venture further and further from her hiding place, until, after six long weeks, Lily was “out of the closet” and comfortably sharing space with people for the first time in a long while.

Finally, after six months of foster care, Lily met the woman who would become her loving owner. Says Alan, “The two of them immediately bonded.” The hard work of Alan and his wife had transformed Lily into an altogether new cat. Alan concludes, “[Lily] came into the Shelter weak, very underweight—about 5 lbs.—and totally shut down. She was adopted as an 8-lb., sleek, confident companion.”

Lily’s new owner concluded her note to SAS by writing, “Thank you, Alan and the whole Seattle Animal Shelter, for making a difference in the lives of animals like Lily, and in the lives of…owners like me!”

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