By Christy Avery

Earlier this year, the Seattle Animal Shelter (SAS) found itself caring for 25 rabbits, far more than the usual number. Thanks to a 2012 grant from the Seattle Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF), SAS was able to create a special event called Hop to Adopt, in which adoption fees were waived for rabbits. The event was a big hit: sixteen rabbits found their forever homes in a single weekend.

Here is a pair of success stories from Hop to Adopt, along with a pair of stories that demonstrate the impact of the overall SAS Critter Program.


Nicole had been abandoned as a three-month-old at the Regional Animal Services of King County shelter in Kent. Her owners had purchased her as a baby and dyed her fur blue for Easter, but they no longer wanted her when she grew larger. She was also poorly socialized to humans. Since SAS has a great placement record for rabbits, as well as a committed volunteer team, the county shelter asked the SAS team if it would accept Nicole into its care. A foster family brought her home, where she learned how to interact with people and become a good house rabbit. Nicole blossomed in this environment, becoming so affectionate that her foster family nicknamed her “Kisses.” Then, during the Hop to Adopt event, Nicole found her forever family: a mother and pre-teen daughter with rabbit experience.

Ebony and Phoebe

Ebony and Phoebe came to SAS as newborns in August 2012. They were found, along with their siblings and their young mother Molly, on a street near Sand Point. The family was placed into foster care, where foster mom Kaylee gave them a quiet, comfortable home and socialized them to people. Ebony and Phoebe were adopted during the Hop to Adopt event by a woman who had visited SAS a number of times seeking the ideal match, and who was happy to adopt a bonded pair. Foster mom Kaylee adopted Molly, who proved to be the perfect companion for her own male rabbit.


SASF funds help to ensure that SAS rabbits receive crucial medical care. Calvin, a Lionshead mix rabbit, was one such recipient. At just two months old, he was found abandoned in a small toolbox outside the Seattle Animal Shelter. He was suffering from diarrhea and dehydration, and was so tiny that staff and volunteers feared he was too young to be without his mother. Calvin was rushed to a SAS foster family, where he quickly recovered after receiving veterinary care, nutritious food and proper attention. He was adopted earlier this year.


Nana, an adult Rex rabbit (pictured above), came to SAS suffering from a bad case of urine scald—large portions of her belly and hind legs were missing fur and skin as a result of being housed in filthy conditions. At SAS, Nana received immediate vet care and was placed in a foster home to recover. Today Nana is an outgoing, curious, gentle rabbit awaiting her forever family. Find Nana’s adoption profile here.

SASF supports the work of the Seattle Animal Shelter Critter Program, which includes rabbits as well as other small mammals, birds and reptiles, through grants that help to pay for veterinary care and supplies. To further the impact of this program and other important SAS initiatives, please consider donating to SASF.