Today Frida is a happy, energetic 1-year-old Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix who can run like the wind, chase balls and toys and hike with her people. But just a short time ago, Frida had a broken leg that had not been cared for properly. Her owner could not afford proper medical care and her leg was splinted wrong. It soon became become necrotic and needed to be removed. The owner could not afford the surgery so Frida was surrendered to the Seattle Animal Shelter (SAS) where the team jumped into action to have her leg amputated. Soon after the surgery, a foster home was found for her so she could heal.

Laura, Frida’s SAS foster mom, remembers first meeting her at the shelter – just four days after the surgery – and the sound of her tail thumping wildly against the walls of the crate. Laura learned this was just proof of her resilient, happy, social and brave personality. When Frida first came home with Laura, she was slightly subdued. Her amputation was painful and wrapped in a bandage and she was on medication. Within 48 hours though, she became more animated and ready to play. She brightened up very quickly and was a charming, fun dog.

Frida adjusted to having three legs amazingly well. Within a few days she was walking with confidence and within a week, she was running and going up stairs. She would chase toys and jump up on the furniture. Going down the stairs proved to be challenging but she handled it like the champ she is.

Fostering Frida was a different experience for Laura who was used to bigger dogs but she loved her. “She has a big, bright personality!” says Laura. Frida would try to get their senior pitbull, Ramona, to play by dancing all around her head. She was very curious and social.

Frida has since been adopted and now has a Pomeranian and cat brothers to play with. Her new family sends updates to Laura and are in love with her. For more information on fostering animals with SAS, go to