Manny was found wandering the streets of Beacon Hill last September by a Seattle police officer. Though happy and gregarious, this beautiful boy was underweight and had a limp. An evaluation at the Seattle Animal Shelter revealed a torn ACL.

Despite his poor physical condition, Manny was typically upbeat. During his shelter stay, he actually injured his tail by repeatedly wagging it against his kennel wall!

With his good looks and great temperament, Manny soon became a volunteer favorite. Shelter staff knew he would be quickly adopted if his ACL could be repaired, so they began a search for a foster parent that could care for Manny while he recovered.

Christy and her husband Rob had fostered for the shelter, but they weren’t looking for a foster dog at that moment. That is, until Rob spotted Manny in his kennel. “Who’s this great dog?” he asked.

The next day, Manny was residing comfortably in his new temporary home with Christy and Rob.

Manny had surgery the following week to repair his ACL. He charmed everyone at the surgical clinic and remained sweet and accommodating throughout his recovery. He proudly wore his cone, snoozed happily in his crate, and learned to like lying down and chewing tennis balls almost as much as he liked chasing them.

Under Christy and Rob’s diligent care, Manny’s leg healed beautifully. Eight weeks later, Manny was ready to be adopted.  In January of 2012, he met his forever family, Tey and Patrick.

“Manny is quite possibly the coolest dog in the world,” says Tey. “Every single day, through his rambunctiousness and enthusiasm, Manny brings us a deep sense of joy and gratitude. We are infinitely thankful to have him and for the people who cared for him at the Seattle Animal Shelter.”

It’s a sad reality that many shelters can’t afford to give dogs like Manny a second chance. A combination of generous funding from donors, an innovative foster program, and dedicated staff and volunteers at the Seattle Animal Shelter created a lifetime of happiness for Manny and his new human companions. Thank you donors and volunteers for all you do!

**And thank you Amelia Soper of Soper Photography for the beautiful pics of Manny!